The Wonders of Infrared Technology

Perhaps many of you have heard of the infrared technology and that it has been used in many fields but few actually know which of the devices that surround you are based on this type of technology. To help you get a better understanding of this technology, we reveal some of its wonders that make it so popular and priceless in many domains.

It can emit efficient heat

Infrared technology is being used in manufacturing infrared heaters. If you take a look at the infrared heater ratings on, you will see that infrared heaters are more efficient and energy-saving than other types of heaters. The infrared heat emitted by these heaters is similar to the heat created by the sun, which is what makes it so interesting. When sitting in a room with an infrared heater, you will feel a pleasant warmth that will warm up your body and you will be sitting on a warm chair or bed because the infrared heat doesn’t heat the air but the objects and bodies in a room. This particularity of infrared heat results in a more efficient and lasting heat that is not lost in drafts of air.

It allows for wireless communication

Infrared technology has always been used in wireless communication due to its ability to connect two devices and to allow them to communicate. The best example is given by the television and the remote control that use infrared technology to enable the user to operate one device by using the other. Nowadays, this technology has reached higher levels and is available in computers, informative kiosks, personal computers, and environmental control systems.

It offers an intense sauna experience

While saunas used to be heated with wood and used to create steam, the modern saunas use infrared technology that creates a more pleasant and comfortable heat therapy. Infrared saunas use two types of heaters based on either far infrared or near infrared light that works in different ways. The near infrared technology is the most common because it’s the most beneficial as it penetrates the body tissues in depth, improves blood circulation, removes toxins from cells and is safer for your body. You can find great far infrared saunas on, a website which specializes in analyzing and comparing the best home infrared saunas of the moment.

It can prevent tissue damage

Many medical devices use infrared technology due to its ability to penetrate the body tissue in depth. One particular device can heal bed sores using near-infrared light that is directed to the skin through lenses that measure the concentration of hemoglobin and the oxygen level at the surface of the skin in order to help doctors fight tissue damage caused by prolonged hospitalization.

It can detect blood vessels

Another medical use of infrared technology refers to identifying blood vessels during complicated surgeries that could endanger the patient’s life. Surgeons can use surgical tools with spectroscopy sensors integrated into their tips in order to prevent accidental cutting of blood vessels. These sensors detect the blood vessels located near the cutting tool and alert the surgeon of their presence so they will know how to avoid cutting them.

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