Devices that Help You Adjust the Indoor Humidity

By now, we have all learned the importance of a balanced humidity and how fluctuations can affect both our health and our home. This is why many manufacturers are putting all their efforts and knowledge into creating devices that will help people adjust their indoor humidity to the proper level. Below, you will find a selection of the most advanced and efficient devices and appliances that can keep the air humidity under control.

AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor

What could help you measure the air humidity better than a monitor that has been specifically designed for the job? It can either be placed on a table or mounted on a magnetic surface such as the refrigerator and it will work around the clock to measure the air temperature and humidity in your home. The large and user-friendly display shows the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees and the air humidity in percentage. Below each measurement, the unit displays a high and low limit so you will know exactly how well your home is situated in terms of air humidity and temperature.

Nest Thermostat

This gadget is a high-tech one that combines many features in order to create the most comfortable living environment in your home. What makes this thermostat different from the others is its ability to monitor air humidity among other parameters. While most home thermostats only adjust the temperature, the Nest can measure air humidity so it will adjust the heating system in such way that the air moisture will not be affected. If it senses that the air humidity is decreasing, it will automatically adjust it’s settings in order to bring humidity to the right level.

Homasy Thermo-Electric Peltier Dehumidifier

Once you determine the indoor humidity level, it’s time you do something to bring it to a constant level and what will help you lower the air humidity is a dehumidifier. The Homasy dehumidifier can remove up to 240 ml of water from the air every day so that the air humidity will remain at the right level and your home will be protected from mold and mildew. The water tank can hold 2 liters of water so you won’t have to empty it too often and when the tank is full, a light indicator will let you know. Moreover, this device features a UV light that kills bacteria and germs in the air.

Seneo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If the air humidity is too low, a humidifier will help you add moisture to the air using a pleasant mist that hydrates the air. This model from Seneo features a 2.6 liters tank that allows it to run for 6 hours without interruption in case the air humidity is alarmingly low. Otherwise, you can manually adjust the intensity of the mist and the unit will work for a longer time. When the unit is out of water, it will automatically shut off for added safety. The humidifier comes with 7 changing mood lights that make it more appealing.

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