Futuristic Door Locks with Modern Features

Do you want to highly secure your front door, but you don’t know what device is best to choose? Is the safety of your family extremely important and this is the main reason why you want to choose a quality door lock? If so, then you must have a look at the following futuristic door locks with modern features.

Samsung Ezon

This user-friendly smart locking unit offered by Samsung will highly secure your home. It will allow you to access your deadbolt digitally. You just need to enter the passcode or the authentication RFID card scan. You don’t need to use any key whatsoever. The unit features a tamper-proof alarm system, protected against high voltage and weather as well. Furthermore, it also features a fire detection sensor, for added safety. For commercial or residential doors, the device has an automatic locking mode, and a universal back-set as well. Overall, the Samsung Ezon smart locking device is definitely a great one, which once it is installed, it will give you peace of mind.

August smart door lock

This is without a doubt one of the best door locks available on the market nowadays. If you really want to protect your family from burglars, then you need to install a device like the August smart door lock. The unit will allow you to lock and unlock your door with ease, just by using your smartphone. Virtual keys can be created for you and your family. The most innovative feature of this device is that you can easily log and track who comes and goes. Therefore, if there is any suspicious activity, you will soon be informed. This valuable security option is definitely a great one, and this is actually the main reason why this product is highly recommended by lots of users.

Okidokeys classic

If you are looking for some futuristic door locks with modern features, then you should not omit this unit. The Okidokeys classic is a clever device that will secure very well your property, once it is installed. The device can be connected to your smartphone, and even to non-smartphones, and then easily track who is entering your house, and who is leaving. The most innovative feature of this amazing unit is that you have the possibility to set up to 6 opening rules, for hands-free use. You will receive notifications each time your door is being opened or closed, and you will actually see who did that.

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