Coolest Gadgets for Passionate Golf Players

Golf might be a challenging game, but it’s not impossible to lower your handicap, especially if you make sure to invest in the right equipment. If you want to improve your golf game, read the following lines to find out which are the coolest gadgets for passionate golf players. By using them, you will be able to improve various aspects of your game, lowering your handicap dramatically. Some of these cool gadgets were first seen on, so if you are interested in learning more about them, you can visit the website and find out more interesting details. So, here are our 3 top choices that will help you take the golf game to the next level.

Bushnell tour v3 jolt laser rangefinder

The Bushnell tour v3 jolt mustn’t miss from your repertoire, since this golf rangefinder helps you zoom in on your targets to have a better idea on what’s ahead of you and how you should swing. It costs around $300, depending on seasonal sales. The compact size and the fact that it’s lightweight make it ideal for use on the golf course. It has an easy-to-read screen that displays ranges withing a 1 yard accuracy. The single button operation of the Bushnell tour v3 jolt makes it easy to use. It has a 1,000 yards range and the pinseeker technology combined with the jolt vibration will make it very easy for you to know when the rangefinder has locked onto the right target.

SkyCaddie Skygolf Skypro golf swing analyzer

To get accurate and valuable data regarding your swing in order to improve it, you need the SkyCaddie Skygolf Skypro golf swing analyzer. This gadget can be yours for the price of $130. The fast 3D performance that it boasts allows you to completely explore your swing. To use it, you must mount the golf swing analyzer to the shaft that is located just below the grip. It fits all golf clubs. In addition, it allows you to compare different swings to each other in order to see what you did well and where you made mistakes.

SwingTalk golf swing analyzer with voice feedback

Coming at the price of $170, the impressive SwingTalk golf swing analyzer with voice feedback is a must have for amateur golfers. This innovative golf gadget is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, connecting to your smart device through Bluetooth. You have to install it at the end of the club’s grip. It’s lightweight, which makes it convenient to use. The golf gadget tracks shaft angle, the movement of the shaft, club trajectory, shaft trajectory, and more. In addition, it brings you instant voice feedback on the speed and tempo of your swing. This means that you won’t waste time checking your smartphone after each swing.

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