Modern Laundry Gadgets and Appliances

If you want to make a good impression and look presentable, you have to make sure that your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. This can’t be done without laundry gadgets and appliances that help you keep your laundry in a perfect shape. Therefore, if you want to find out which are the modern laundry gadgets and appliances that you must have, read the following lines.

Kenmore Elite 41073 washing machine

The Kenmore Elite 4073 washing machine is a mandatory laundry care appliance. It costs around $900. This 5.2 cubic feet front-load washer is specially built for large families and people who wash a lot of laundry at once. Due to the fact that it features the innovative steam cycle, there is no need for you to pre-wash stained laundry. Just put them all in the washer, and it will effectively remove the stains. In addition to making your laundry look great and clean, it will thoroughly sanitize the laundry as well, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria. It offers a lot of cycles that you can choose from, including special cycles for delicates. Also, it features the Smart Motion technology that prevents the apparition of mold and unpleasant odors in case you forget a load in the machine.

Whirlpool Smart Front Load WEL98HEBU dryer

Another important laundry appliance that you must have is the Whirlpool Smart Front Load WEL98HEBU dryer. It comes at the price of $1350. The impressive 7.4 cubic feet capacity makes it ideal for large households. This smart dryer allows you to control it and check on it via your smartphone. It features a motion sensor that ensures energy efficiency by stopping the drying cycle when the laundry is dry. In addition, it features an energy saving option that allows you to operate the dryer only at non-peak hours.

PurSteam Premium clothes steamer

Removing the wrinkles off delicates is a sensitive task, a special tool being needed in order to prevent the delicates from being burned or damaged. If you want to safely de-wrinkle your delicates, we recommend that you use a clothes steamer. You can find the most reliable clothes steamers at so you will know for sure that your choice will offer you the best performance in de-wrinkling your most precious garments. A great option on this website is the PurSteam Premium, a handheld unit with an excellent performance in removing wrinkles in a blink. It will cost you just $85 to purchase it and it is so easy to use. It takes only 90 seconds for it to heat up and get ready for use. It’s powerful enough to remove the toughest wrinkles. Also, it can effectively sanitize and deodorize your laundry.

Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence steam iron

Another purchase that you must make in order to take proper care of your laundry is to buy the Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence steam iron. It costs $120. This steam iron is extremely energy efficient, consuming 25% less energy than its competitors. The 1700W of power ensure that it can handle stubborn wrinkles. It features a scratch resistant surface. Therefore, it’s a long-term investment to go with. The steamer offers 3 settings that you can choose from, including the Dry setting for a perfect finish, the Boost setting for stubborn creases, and the Eco setting for energy-saving steam.

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