Features of high quality T-shirt printing equipment

If you are new in T-shirt printing business or maybe want to replace your equipment, you might want to do some research beforehand. It can be difficult to know from the start what you want, what features latest printing equipment should have in order to be efficient, what features it should not have and what are the current requests of the market. If you want high quality gadgets like those that R & P Prints Canada is using, you should search the market well before deciding. However, we are going to provide some pieces of information regarding the latest T-shirt printing devices and the features you should pay attention to.

1. Budget friendly printers for start-up businesses

Maybe you do not have the requested money to invest in a pricey T-shirt printing device, but you still consider to open a shop of this type. A solution for you would be to search for a printer that can print on both light and dark coloured fabrics, with the capacity to simultaneously print more T-shirts. The budget friendly options available on the market will come with the possibility to print up to four units at the time. The size images that can be printed should easily go up to 16.5” X 29”, which will enable you to satisfy even the pretentious requests. Features that make the printing process smoother will be included as well, in order to prevent various types of ink to settle and create uneven images. One feature of this type is White Ink Management System, and you should look for this when searching for a high quality, yet inexpensive device.

2. Look for devices that do not require high maintenance

This is especially important for start-ups. When you have to constantly pay maintenance fees, your business will suffer from delayed order and expensive charges. If you buy from the start a printer that is less likely to fail in the middle of the printing process, you make sure you will save yourself some time and money. A good way to avoid bad equipment is to have a serious discussion with your colleagues and see what they recommend, what they do not, and what equipment they are currently using. This way you will make economy if you are not experimenting with printing devices on your own money. Take their advice.

3. Search for versatile devices

Do not attempt to buy a device that can only print cotton fabric. Search for one suited for a variety of fabrics in order to make sure you can satisfy every client’s wishes and desires. This way you will make sure that the number of clients will constantly increase and you can turn your start-up company into a bigger and trustworthy one.

Here you have it, some pieces of advice on how to pick new devices for your T-shirt printing business. If you are not sure what to buy, do some research on the matter starting from our suggestions.

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