Selecting the perfect floating speaker – thinks to look for

When the first floating speaker was launched on the market, everybody considered it a completely revolutionary product. Both buyers and tech experts were amaze by its innovation and uniqueness, but soon enough many manufacturers took the idea and there were plenty of options one could choose from. Of course the levitating speaker is still a modern and performing gadget worth having, but the problem is picking the one that answers your needs best. You may want to listen to music in a high volume, or you travel a lot and you need a resistant battery or perhaps you have other requirements. And while it is true that all these devices have been built on the same principle, their features are slightly different. This means that the design, battery life, resistance, capacity and so on are likely to vary from one model to another. Needless to say, it is good to have many options to choose from, but if you are a beginner, all the features may be a bit hard to understand. For this reason you should keep reading this article, whose purpose is to show you some criteria you must follow:

Battery life

What is actually great about floating speakers is that they are completely wireless, so they are powered by a battery. Some of the most performing devices’ battery can last up to twelve hours, which means you can enjoy your favourite music during a road trip, barbecue, picnic, outdoor party or even short travel. Of course, after the battery dies, you need to use a charger and recharge it – that is probably the only wire you will ever need if you decide to replace your traditional speakers with a levitating one.

Quality of sound

Since we are talking about a speaker, one of its best features has to be related to the sound it provides. Although people are reluctant about sound quality when it comes to levitating speakers, you need to rest assured these product will do their job. Unlike traditional gadgets, where one part has to be placed on a flat surface (desk, piece of furniture etc), thus partially blocking sound, floating speakers do not have this issue. This means you will be able to listen to highly qualitative music, distributed uniformly in the surrounding area of the levitating component.


Of course the first thing that appeals people and make them want to buy a levitating speaker is its innovative and futuristic design. Lately, manufacturers have started to pay way more attention to this looks, as clients are no longer willing to purchase a gadget unless it is neat and modern. Fortunately, the floating speaker has all these assets and even more. Some companies have gone the extra mile in terms of design, creating Star Wars inspired devices or speakers that imitate the look of a disco globe. So regardless your preferences, you will definitely find something to suit your requirements.

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