Simple mistakes that may compromise your password security


It is generally agreed that the Internet has brought significant changes for the better in people’s lives, but there are some situations when it can do some harmful things to Internet users and one very good example is related to hackers and to personal data stealing. It is essential that you make your digital life secure in order to avoid hacker attacks. Here are some of the simplest, yet crucial mistakes that may make password security an easy target for hackers.

Password complexity is highly important

One essential aspect you need to keep in mind is that you should use highly complex passwords that no one is going to think about. This way, you ensure that no one will ever guess it, so your data is secure. Make sure that the password you choose contains not only letters, but also numbers and symbols, since this will make it more complex and unbreakable. You can replace some of the letters with symbols, such as replacing “I” with “!”, or “s” with “$” for example. This will increase its security and keep you away from having your password cracked.

Reusing passwords

Another very common mistake is to reuse the same password on multiple accounts and websites. If you want to keep your personal data safe and avoid hackers stealing your information, it is mandatory that you use different passwords for each online account you own. If you find it difficult to remember a dozen completely different passwords, you can use one word and change it a little bit for each account, so that you create a new password. For instance, “keyboard”, “k3yboard” and “keyb0ard” are three different passwords, although they use the same word, so consider applying this rule to make it easier for you remembering it.

Not using a password manager

Many users nowadays have resorted to password management tools to help them secure their databases and they have been extremely pleased with this method. This tool provides you with top-security passwords and it is the perfect software to use if you have trouble remembering your passwords, since you will only have one master security code. One common method people use is to create a Notepad list where they write down the username and password for each account they have, but this is quite risky, since the list may fall into the wrong hands at some point. With the aid of password manager software you no longer have to worry about this aspect.

Not using the two-factor authentication feature

There are certain password managers that also provide people with two-factor authentication feature, but most users tend to not give it the due importance and this is a terrible mistake they make. In order to increase security level, you should consider taking advantage of this feature on as many accounts as possible, from email to financial sites, cloud storage and so on. This way, in order for you to access the password vault, you will also have to enter a one-time code that is sent to your smartphone via SMS.