Small guide to impress your wedding guests


Wedding time is both a wonderful and exhausting period, due to the almost endless list of things that you have to put in order. Thus, there is no wonder that when you think about all the details, you head will start spinning with all the problems. But you still want an out of the ordinary wedding, which everybody will admire, do not you? How can you organize it? We know the secret: technology. Forget about traditional things which seem, somehow, out of fashion and try something new, revolutionary and impressive. Here are some useful tips.

Photos – take them to the next level

Photos are a good way of creating memories, but those who are interested in organizing a very special event, do not hire just a regular photographer. Thus, our advice is to take your wedding to the next level with photo booth hire and technology. Your guests are going to love it. Photo booth is not only about taking photos, but also about having fun. What is more, they can also be a way of saving money by replacing the wedding favors with photos. And remember, these favors are a good way of showing your gratitude to your guests.  

Extra tip: You should add a theme to your wedding. When you decide to hire the photo booth, make sure that you choose the right accessories which are perfectly matched with the theme. For example, some very popular choices are the 20s’ or even the 40s’.

High-quality memories – camera drones

Due to the fact wedding photography is the perfect way of reliving the day, years after years, your photos should be nothing but perfect. Thus, try to hire some camera drones. These flying devices are also the perfect choice for making videos. The camera drones may seem like an expensive idea, but they are worth the money. But the biggest question is: do you still need a wedding photographer? The answer is yes. Someone has to take care of the drones. Not to mention the group photos. You cannot make everybody get in a photo booth at the same time. But you should hire some who has enough experience.

Extra tip: You need more than one camera drone for catching taking the perfect photos.

Social media – Yes, please!

Are you a discrete person who likes to keep his/ her life private? Allow us to congratulate you. But, you cannot ask your guests to do the same. Thus, in case they are social media dependent and they like to post everything on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on, please, indulge them. Of course, if you are a public person who wants to keep paparazzi away, you should avoid this thing, as much as you can. But in case you are not, wedding advisers say that it is time to let the others know how much you enjoy your wedding day. And cutting-edge technology is also the right answer in this case. There are cameras which allow you to combine instant printing with sharing images to social media pages. Last but not least, they also come with a compact design.

Extra tip: Try to avoid posting too many photos. Your social media friends will get mad.