Top Tech Trends for 2017

The year 2017 is said to bring some amazing changes, in terms of technology, new incredible trends arising. This year the way we see and use technology can change for the better, so if this topic has caught your interest, keep reading. Here are the major tech trends that are said to dominate 2017, causing excitement among IT lovers:

Virtual reality everywhere

  • Further development of VR technology
  • Potential new VR gadget releases

Virtual reality has created a real hype among the tech community. Having the possibility of playing games, or watching videos that give you the impression you are actually in them, is certainly thrilling. New technologies are being developed to make virtual reality more versatile and easy to integrate within existing platforms, while also becoming more accessible to end users. If this is an exciting thought for you, make sure you keep yourself updated and be one of the firsts to know about new releases.

Developing brands through blogging


  • Adding a personal touch to brands and products
  • Blogging is made easy with web design innovations

Although blogging is already known for its impact, in the digital era, 2017 brings new opportunities to entrepreneurs who desire to develop and expand their brands. By using a blogging platform to your advantage, you can make your products or brands reach a wider range of users. Online bingo sites with blogs, for example, have made it possible for bingo players to understand the ins and outs of this online game, before actually starting to play, and thus they have managed to develop and expand their brand efficiently. Moreover, the 2017 web design innovations have made blogging much easier.  

Screen technology improvement

  • VR and AR technology additions
  • 4K screens
  • Mobility and advanced performance combines

There have been some rumors that smartphone manufacturers might add VR and AR on their brand new 4k screens, which can only come as a great plus for smartphone users. Improving smartphone displays has been discussed over the last year, and perhaps 2017 is the time when we can finally see the results with our own eyes. Playing games, or watching short movies in improved screens will certainly make the experience even more unique.

A 3D printing increase

  • Affordable 3D printers
  • Improved 3D printing technology
  • Access for all users

3d printing has been for quite some time a very popular technology trend, but inaccessible to a wide range of users due to steamy prices. Well, that aspect might change this year, as new consumer grade, 3D printers have begun to be developed. Having your own 3D printer to use whenever you please, without breaking the bank, can become a reality. Affordable printers of this kind have just started to appear on the market, and you can get one yourself for about 200 or 300 dollars.   

Next-gen security

Biometrics security is another tech prospect that has been talked about at the beginning of this year, and next-gen security features have become a real possibility. You will no longer have to rely on crackable passwords, but on advanced fingerprint technology instead.  This will make accounts more secure, and it will offer even more benefits to businesses and enterprises.

As you can see, 2017 seems quite exciting, from a tech point of view, these being only a few of the many trends that are circulating in the online environment. However, do not worry, because these movements will not affect your favorite online activities, such as playing bingo, but may actually improve your overall experience. If you are a tech enthusiast yourself and need to know the ins and outs of this topic, you can find even more details on the subject, by researching on the internet.