What are Cam Lock Couplings?


Nowadays, people should have a few innovative tools in their garage because they can make their life easier. For example, have you heard about cam lock couplings? Do you know which their main role is and why are there so many people who consider them a smart investment? Here are some things which can help you make things clear. Check the information from below and decide if they are the proper choice for you.

Cam lock couplings – three important characteristics

If you are looking for a faster and safer method of making hose connections, the cam lock couplings are the right answer for you. There are many people who say that this method is more convenient than the traditional ones. What is more, it is also a user-friendly alternative, even for those who do not have experience.


But, due to the fact that you have not been convinced yet, here are some things that you should pay attention. The cam lock couplings can be used for a wide variety of applications. Thus, you can call them versatile. In this category, you can include the cryogenic, hydraulic or submersible operations. What is more, they are a popular choice for people who deal with discharging terminals, dock facilities, chemical plants and more. Even those who work in refineries or ports need to use these tools because they can easily replace the conventional methods. Not to mention that the traditional procedures are also regarded as time-consuming options.

How to choose your cam lock coupling provider? – Tips and recommendations

There are many providers in the UK, but your duty is to choose the best ones. Is that a challenge? Fortunately, it is not. You can just search for Gall Thomson, a company which has a long experience in this domain. According to those who have tried their products, one of the company’s priorities is clients’ satisfaction. The teams of experts who work for Gall Thomson claim that their products include an easy adjustment procedure. They are usually composed of two flanges which are automatically positioned within the cam blocks. What is more, locking the cams takes less than five seconds.


Last but not least, if you think that this information is not enough, you should try to read reviews. There are many people who have used the Gall Thomson’s products and who say that their decisions were the smartest ones. The quality is also a thing which defines best the company’s products But due to the fact that prices are another important aspect that people usually take into consideration, the experts say that, before buying something, they should compare them. Thus, even if you are in a hurry, make sure Gall Thomson is the perfect option. Check your budget and also pay attention to quality. If you decide to buy the products and you decide that they are an efficient choice for you, you can also write a review. There are many people who feel confused when it comes to this investment and your recommendation would help them a lot.