Future technology innovations that you’ll definitely want to try


Since the Internet and technology itself are expanding each and every day tremendously, people started to have expectations and future perspectives that are very likely to come true in a shorter time that everyone expects. Yet, technological forecasts are created from all points of view and the structure they are based on it’s liable to collapse at any given moment. A glimpse of the things to come may help many people who are passionate about technology to gather some inspiration and enjoy a world ruled entirely by it. You can learn more about the Internet and the intricacies of technology by accessing dmad.com. Read below a series of future technology projects.


  • Eye-controlled tech

Specialists consider that – with the help of technology – people can control better the environment they live in. For instance, face movement recognition started to be used even nowadays, in some smartphones that use it in order to easily unlock your phone with just looking at it. By the year 2019, people should be able to control many devices just by looking at them and doing certain gestures or eye movements that will instantly give these devices an order.

  • Paper diagnosis

The medical field enjoys the most numerous benefits of technology. Another great step forward when it comes to medicine and tech would be paper diagnosis. Certain types of paper can be used to rapidly screen diseases like Ebola, tuberculosis, Zika, swine flu or other viral diseases that take a while to detect. This project should be ready by 2020.


  • Designer antibiotics

Talking about the medicine field, technology should reach the moment when bespoke antibiotics are able to defeat superbugs in 2023. This way, people won’t have to spend a fortune on meds anymore and they will also reduce the number of pills swallowed for each affection they suffer from.

  • Ingestible robots

Even if it sounds impossible, technology strives to create microscopic robots that can be swallowed and can repair the injuries inside the body from within. This complex work should appear by the end of 2025.

  • Smart clothing

People are waiting since a few years ago the development of smart clothing. Using Nano-porous fabrics and miniaturized electronics will make it possible to change the color, pattern or shape of certain clothing items, as well as keeping your body cool or warm when necessary.

  • Volcanic mining

Since people already know how precious the minerals and metals found underwater, how about mining the volcanoes existent there? Active volcanoes are a dangerous territory right now, but in 2028 when the appropriate technology will be developed, people will be able to explore and fructify it as well.

  • Carbon-consuming batteries

Since carbon is such a problem nowadays, it would be tremendously beneficial both for humans and the environment to create a device that is consuming it instead of other things. Electrochemical cells that suck in carbon in order to generate electricity should be available for buying somewhere between the year 2029 and 2030.