How is smart technology helping us drive better?


Technology is part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not. And most of us don’t like it, they simply love it; a gadget or tool to assist us in all our activities. Maybe one of the most useful ways in which technology comes to our help is driving. Many of us need assistance when driving, whether we’re speaking about parking assistance, voice control or cruise capabilities. When it comes to exquisite vehicles, the market has something to offer to us all. As Edmunds says, the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro may be just perfect in terms of the technology incorporated in it. But enough with the chit-chat. Below we have some amazing pieces of technology incorporated on it, and reasons why everybody should consider investing in those.

Plenty of driver aids to keep you and your car safe

When driving a car, you want to know that no matter your needs, the car is able to assist you. For instance, the 2018 Camaro comes with rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, a rear traffic alert, these all come in the driver’s help in order to reduce the number of accidents. Many vehicles have blind spots, but these pieces of technology will prevent you to harm anybody that may be passing through the back of your vehicle as you put it in reverse. Also, small bumps on the road cause drivers to damage their vehicles, because of the lack of visibility. However, these aids do an incredible good, for both experienced and inexperienced drivers. The lane departure warning comes also as a part of the Convenience package, and as standard features on the 2SS and ZL1.

Full smartphone integration, for increased comfort levels

It works wonderfully with Bluetooth, Android, iOS. They work amazing, as they should, and they come on the standard version of all 2018 Camaros.  These will assure all drivers and passengers increased comfort levels, as they can access all the data and information on their smartphones by using the intuitive interface.

Smart Audio and Navigation features

With an incredibly quick and comprehensive interface, the 2018 Camaro is quicker than all previous models. Also, the navigation system has a simple and intuitive layout, while the audio system comes to complete an otherwise perfect vehicle.

These are some ways in which technology is helping us drive better and feel more comfortable while doing so.