How is technology disrupting the digital marketing industry and how to adapt to the new trends

The technological revolution that we are witnessing for already a couple of decades has changed the marketing game over the years, leading to a continuous change. This means that the industry has to adapt and accept the massive changes that are due to modifying the way in which digital marketing is currently done. A rather intricate and complex matter, the changes that emerge have such a diverse character, from the way in which we communicate and streamline production and manufacturing processes to new economy patterns and models, these reshape the future of digital marketing. Below you will find more information on the matter and how can you adapt to these changes.

A deeper insight into Analytics

Pulling data like nobody else, interpreting and creating strategies based on it, this what more and more digital marketing agencies are aiming towards. While gathering data from various platforms might not be brain surgery, interpreting it, is. And a digital marketing trend based on this strategy seems to be more and more preeminent on markets all over the world. From agencies that analyse Instagram influencers and create brand and marketing campaigns for some of the biggest names in the global market or small local players, they all want to receive measurable data before and after implementing the named campaign. And technology is the perfect tool to master this, as a digital marketing agency. Robust software products make it possible for more and more companies to manage influencer marketing campaigns and other intricate campaigns. And big brands are rather thankful for it.

A trend for automation

Not leveraging automation in today’s digital marketing climate means falling behind those successful agencies that do. In today’s time, almost half of the marketing agencies in the industry use marketing automation solutions. This is great news if you are a marketing agency, as half of the positions open at your company could be easily replaced by automation software. Some employees may not be very pleased to find out this, but technology is a real game changer when it comes to decreasing costs and delivering better results, as this digital agency Thailand based claims.

The end of an era

With the recent technological advancements and solutions implemented by modern advertising and marketing agencies, it’s difficult for the traditional ones to keep up. In the past, advertising agencies enjoyed exclusivity from some brands because of the relationship and scalability present at a given agency. Nowadays, logging into an Application Programme Interface might bring modern marketing agencies comparable volumes of intelligent data as 30-40 years of experience in the field, in the old days would.

These are three ways in which technology is continuing to transform the digital marketing industry and adopting solutions like those proposed above might prove quite of a suitable decision. While you don’t have to fire half of the staff that you currently have, finding more affordable means to interact with your clients is always amazing.