The best podcasts for the curious minds and where to listen to those


People of ages have come to love podcasts just as much as they love a good book. And given the fact that technology nowadays allows us to listen to those on the go, these can easily become real goldmines for all the curious minds out there. The topics on which these podcasts are available are numerous, from comedy podcasts, to science and fiction podcasts. There is literally something for everybody’s cup of tea. But let’s see which the most popular podcasts of the day are.

99% Invisible

A very popular podcast amongst those with a sharp and curious mind, 99% Invisible is addressing an interesting matter: everything shaped and built by humans. However, this podcasts pays more attention to those abnormalities that were built by human beings, things that nobody really pays attention to, which makes it incredibly fascinating. Uncomfortably-built benches around the towns of the world specifically designed to keep away unwanted bench sleepers, to the cul-de-sac abnormalities of the modern day, and others. The hosts’ voice is also certainly something that you want to hear daily. Search for this podcast online, you will certainly find it.


Heavyweight is a documentary podcast moderated by Jonathan Goldstein. The series concentrates on the broken relationships in moderator’s life, explores those and tries to find viable explanations for why these events happened. In multiple episodes, the host is reconnecting with those people in his life that due to a reason or another, left. This is an amazing podcast, as it has a great catharsis effect for the listener, helping them come to terms with their own stories with more ease. You can also find this series online. Simply search it on one of the multiple search engines available. The background music of this podcast can be found on various websites, including

Answer Me This

This podcast may be the longest-running podcast in the UK. The hosts are answering their listeners to their most burning questions with pertinent, factual information, but some answers may be easily included in the downright bizarre answer category. Well, the questions themselves may also be bizarre. Ever wondered how much coffee can you actually drink before you die? Well, you may find out the answer to this in one of the show’s editions.

The Secret History of Hollywood

A chef in their private life becomes the creator and narrator of this podcast, giving the listener a deeper insight in the hidden life and history of Hollywood. The information given is fairly concentrated, which makes each episode to be short in length, but very informative, nonetheless.

These are some of the most popular podcasts of the day. Search for each of those online, and you will most probably be able to find those at a simple Google Search. Listen to those in your car, or at work or in your spare time. Not only these are highly informational, but are also entertaining and fun to listen to.