Breaking free of your Internet and technology addiction

If you feel like you are plugged in all the time and you can’t stay away from technology, you might suffer from addiction. Even though it’s not a serious disease, technology and Internet addiction can affect your life in many ways. This generation is so attached to technology and facile access to information that they depend on it entirely. Without using technology, many teens can’t complete the simplest tasks. They use calculators to add and subtract the simplest numbers, they use maps and GPS to orient around, they rely on social media to stay up to date with the latest news – the life of the current generation is all about technology, and advancements never cease to appear. The Generation Z, as people call it, is addicted to technology, and this article will talk about it.

Signs of tech & Internet addiction

Spending a lot of time doing absolutely nothing productive on social media platforms or navigating the Internet without a clear purpose seems to be the one factor that makes people feel guilty about their Internet use. Many teens are now required to use special extensions and programs that locks their access to social media platforms for a specified period of time, so that they can focus on the tasks they have to complete.

This is a sign of addiction. Losing track of how munch time you spend online is a worrying sign, because you could do so much more with that time but you spend hours and hours scrolling down your newsfeed instead. This leads to a lack of real social life and many other problems related to communication. In centers like The Holistic Sanctuary, using technology is not recommended during the rehab programs. Thus, people can detach and enjoy something else for a while.

How to stop it

There are multiple ways one can stop his addiction towards Internet or technology. The first step would be taking long and often breaks from using tech devices that are connected to the Internet. This will help with understanding how much precious time is wasted on technology. This step requires patience and commitment. The more motivated the person is to get over this sort of addiction, the faster the process will be. The second step is to try other activities. Treating addiction using holistic methods is effective and fun at the same time. You will learn how to change your lifestyle for the better.