Creating a Marketing Strategy for Your Tech Business

A good marketing strategy goes hand in hand with a higher sales percentage in any kind of company. In businesses based on technology, promotion and visibility is the key to getting more clients as their products are not necessarily tangible at times. The most important step to follow is educating the audience in getting to know the services and products provided by the firm and it might seem complicated at first, but in reality, it is not that hard. There are some great tactics to approach when building a marketing strategy for a business in technology, besides setting up a main goal.

Find the target audience

Having a specific group of customers to address to is essential in any kind of business, but especially in technology companies. Every piece of information released through a marketing strategy has to be directed towards that exact group with the needed specifications and in the area where they want the business activity to take place. For example, if you are from Jakarta, find a PR agency Indonesia to help with the free publicity, a good marketing company to help with pointers around the area and billboards and other ads for the Indonesian public.

Hire a PR agency for a better visibility

A very important part of a marketing strategy is having a great PR agency to rely on for press releases, news and articles in newspapers and magazines about the products or milestones of the company. It can also mix very well with SEO, paid publicity and social media in terms of accurate information and descriptions. According to the experts at Mandreel, working with a PR agency can be beneficial in terms of letting people know about the company in general or products and services because you have to choose what to promote with priority.

Use social media for the benefit of the company

Organic posts on social media are great ways to promote a business and its products because people spend more and more time scrolling on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn and besides it is free. So, instead of wasting the time doing the same thing, it’s better to post some information about the services or products, for the benefit of the company. Social media is one of the most used means of publicity and it is really successful in attracting clients.

Build an e-mail data base

Having an e-mail data base can help wit spreading the information through newsletters to every customer or potential customer. It can be used in various ways and for various reasons like thanking for the subscription to the newsletters, actual newsletters, invitations to different online or offline events regarding something new and exciting that happens with the company and keeping in touch in general. Great customer service is based on quality of information and a good relationship with the people in charge with support hired in the company. Using the e-mail on a more personalised level is even better, because customers feel taken care of.